Curbside Trash & Recycling Program

Important Information

  • All Trash and Recycling must be placed curbside by 7AM. Delays, Road Closures, Road Work, and other unforeseen events can affect route times and pickups.
  • All carts are the property of the Town and shall remain at the property to which they were delivered.
  • Stolen carts should be reported to the Norwell Police Department.
  • Please call Waste Management for any cart repairs (800) 972-4545.
  • Lids on carts must be fully closed for collection and to prevent litter in your neighborhood.
  • Residents should mark their carts with their house # to avoid any confusion with neighbors. This is extremely important for homes that have shared driveways or Private Ways. Mailbox sticker #s work great or a permanent marker.

Curbside Trash

  • All regular household trash must be properly bagged and securely tied for collection.
  • Residents may place 1 (one) NON-PAYT trash bag no greater than 35-gallons out for collection if they are not utilizing the provided 35-gallon cart* Residents with shared driveways or Private Ways with collection at the entrance should mark their house # on the bag using a permanent marker so the driver can easily identify it.
  • Residents that utilize the provided 35-gallon cart must have all trash bagged utilizing NON-PAYT bags. The cart lid must be fully closed.
  • All additional trash in excess of the 35-gallon cart or 1 (one) NON-PAYT bag not utilizing the provided cart must be placed in official pay-as-you-throw bags (PAYT).
  • Residents may use private containers for PAYT bags in excess of the provided 35-gallon cart.
  • The 35-gallon town provided trash cart and its contents are not to exceed 50 lbs.
  • PAYT bags placed outside of private containers are not to exceed 30 lbs.
  • Private containers with PAYT bags and their contents are not to exceed 50 lbs.
  • Private containers are not to exceed 39-gallons in size.
  • Automated private containers are not required for PAYT bags. 
  • Only plastic or non-rusting metal barrels, watertight, with handles and tight fitting covers shall be suitable private containers for the disposal of PAYT bags.

Curbside Recycling

  • Residents are provided with a 64-gallon blue cart with yellow lid for household single stream recycling.
  • Single Stream Recycling requires no sorting, all acceptable items are placed loose in your provided cart.
  • Properly breaking down cardboard, paperboard, and crushing water bottles, soda cans, and milk jugs creates more space and can utilize your 64-gallon recycling cart to its full capacity.
  • Your recycling container should be placed curbside every week on the same day as your regular trash collection.
  • All recycling must be placed in the cart for collection. 
  • Any items left outside the cart will NOT be collected.
  • Household Single Stream Recycling is also available for drop-off at our Recycling Center during hours of operation for residents with overflow household single stream recycling or as an alternative to the provided 64-gallon recycling cart used for curbside collection.
  • Drop-off Single Stream Recycling at our Recycling Center is emptied into our dedicated Single Stream Recycling dumpsters loosely and there is no sorting required.
  • Recycling that is bagged will not be accepted for collection curbside or drop-off.
  • The use of paper bags is acceptable for holding shredded paper.


*Styrofoam products, known as expanded polystyrene "EPS or PS" are not recyclable and must be placed in the trash. Norwell does not currently have a facility in the area that can recycle this material. Most shipping stores will accept styrofoam packing peanuts for reuse.

Cart Placement

  • Most collection trucks are automated with an electronic arm that lifts and empties the cart. This efficient process streamlines and speeds collection and prevents driver injuries.
  • The collection truck needs clear, close access to the cart so the automatic arm can reach and lift the cart.
  • Consider the three-foot rule; there should be three feet between carts and structures such as mail boxes, cars and lamp posts. Damage can occur to public and private property if the carts are too close to physical property.
  • Please place carts at least 3 feet apart so they do not get knocked over.
  • Carts should be within 36 inches of the curb or edge of  the roadway pavement.
  • Position the cart on as level of surface as possible, away from overhanging tree branches.

Private Roads/Ways

  • Operators have the discretion not to enter roads as weather or other conditions dictate.
  • Road's grade, banks and curves must permit safe and efficient operations.
  • The roadway must provide appropriate width and height clearance from trees, shrubs, and utility lines for equipment.
  • Roads must have enough space in the turn-around to minimize the need for backing up.
  • Roads must be regularly maintained, have snow and ice removed, and have adequate surfaces able to handle heavy equipment without causing damage to equipment.
  • Private Roads/Ways that do not meet these requirements must place all Trash & Recycling at the beginning of the Private Road/Way where it meets a public street and carts must follow proper placement.

Winter Tips

  • Clear out an area for your carts, leaving about 18 inches of space around them to allow room for the truck's arm.
  • Do Not place carts on or in snow piles as they tip over and litter your neighborhood. Carts placed on or in snowpiles present difficulties servicing and returning your carts after emptying.
  • Do Not place carts in the street. This is a hazard for vehicles and carts could be destroyed by snow plows.