Tick & Lyme Disease Information


Now what?  First - Save your tick!  You may chose to have your tick tested via the UMass TickReport Program. Tick testing typically costs $50/tick, but Norwell residents enter the code:TSTA2 to receive the discounted rate of $20/tick. Even if you chose not to test your tick right now, save your tick. Should you develop any tick-borne illness symptoms a month from now, or even a year from now, you’ll want to know if that tick carried diseases.

Tick & Lyme Disease General Information

Plymouth County Extension Tick Education - Information from our County Entomologist
A great resource about Ticks & Prevention - Cape Cod Cooperative Extension / County of Barnstable
Can I have a tick tested for disease causing microbes? - Tick-Borne Disease Network / UMass Amherst