Abatement Applications

PurposeFormDue Date
Real Property & Personal Property TaxState Tax Form 128 (PDF)February 1st
Motor Vehicle ExciseState Tax Form 126-MVE (PDF)Cancellation of plates, sold or traded vehicle

Tax Relief Applications

PurposeFormDue Date
37A BlindState Tax Form 96-3 (PDF)Annual, by April 1st
Community Preservation ActForm CP-4 (PDF)Annual, by April 1st
Senior Over 65State Tax Form 96-1 (PDF)Annual, by April 1st
Surviving Spouse or MinorState Tax Form 96-6 (PDF)Annual, by April 1st
VeteranState Tax Form 96-4 (PDF)Annual, by April 1st

Business / Commercial

PurposeFormDue Date
Personal Property Form of ListState Tax Form 2 (PDF)March 1st