Conservation Land Use - Regulations, Requests, Jacobs Island Camping

Norwell Conservation Commission manages over 2,000 acres of open space, 20+ miles of trails, and 15 active farm fields. To preserve these properties as they are, and to protect the quality of the enjoyment of nature for all individuals using these properties, the Commission has Rules an Regulations for the use of our properties, please follow these at all times.  Our properties do not have trash cans so please carry in and carry out to help keep these properties pristine. Clean up after your dogs! Some of our properties now have dog waste bins, so deposit only dog waste in these bins. Dogs must be leashed at all times on Conservation properties. If you notice issues on our property, please contact the Conservation Office immediately. We rely on volunteers and the public to help us maintain and preserve our properties, and keep them open for everyone to use.

If you would like to hold an event on our property, have a large group present on our trails, hunt on our properties, or any activity that may not be a normal use of our properties, please fill out a Land Use Request Form below and bring to the Conservation Office for approval.

Camping is allowed at Jacobs Island only, by reservation. Please fill out a Jacobs Island Reservation Form below if you would like to camp on the island. It is first come first serve, no bathrooms are present on the island, and permission from the Fire Department is needed to have a fire on the island.

The farm fields on Conservation land are actively farmed. Click here to learn more about our Farms.

If there are any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact of stop by the Conservation office to learn more.