Outreach and Advocacy

Outreach and Advocacy are integral to the support of elders in our community. The Council on Aging makes every effort to locate elders, assess their needs and connect them with appropriate services. We may be notified of an outreach situation by a family member or caregiver, a concerned neighbor, follow-up on a call received by either the Police or Fire Department or word of mouth. Assistance is also available for caregivers and families of elderly individuals.

Resources may include information and referrals to social services, legal assistance, consumer advocacy, housing issues, mental health and subpstance abuse. Our Outreach Coordinator, Dee Dee Rogers is available on Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Telephone reassurance is offered by the Norwell Council on Aging. Personal telephone calls are made as needed, to individuals who may be frail or at medical risk, or those who may live alone. The program gives individuals the comfort and security they need to maintain their independence. If an individual cannot be reached, a family member will be contacted to ensure an individual is safe. For more information, please contact the COA office at 781-659-7878.


In bad weather, tell a friend, family member or neighbor where they will be able to find you. Ask them to call you regularly to check on your well-being. Tell them where an extra key is located so that they can get into your home in the event of an emergency.

If you have special health needs, such as oxygen, contact your police station and let them know you may need assistance if the power fails. Remember, the Council on Aging offers a Telephone Reassurance program in which you are welcome to be included.


The Outreach Coordinator makes in-home or friendly visits to elders in the community as needed. In-home visit may be to assess the needs of elders and determine the appropriate resources to assist them remain in their home. In-home safety assessments may also be performed to identify safety issues, such as; scatter rugs, need for bathroom safety bars, or the need for emergency response systems.

Some visits may be to assist home-bound elders with completing forms or performing small tasks. Other times may be just to check in and say hello. If you know someone who could benefit from an in-home visit or would like one yourself, please call the COA office at 781-659-7878.


A home delivered meal program is available for those elders who may be recuperating from an illness or has difficulty cooking. The Council on Aging coordinates the delivery of daily or periodic meals through the efforts of volunteer drivers. This service can be requested through South Shore Elder Services by calling 781-848-3910.


The state/federal Fuel Assistance Program, operated and administered by the South Shore Community Action Program (SSCAP), began Nov. 1 and ends on APril 30. . The program is open to the community and the Norwell Council on Aging is the agent for the town of Norwell.

All information is kept strictly confidential. For an appointment to apply for fuel assistance or if you have any questions about the program, please contact Norwell COA Outreach Coordinator, Dee Dee Rogers, at 781-659-7878.


Our Outreach services are available to assist families and caregivers to assess an elder’s situation and make recommendations for available resources. This may include such as home health agencies, adult day care facilities, or simply information. Refer to our Information and Referral link for additional information.


TThe Massachusetts Commission for the Blind facilitates a Low Vision Support Gropu at the Norwell Senior Center on teh tfourth Monday of the month at 10:30 a.m. to Noon, unless otherwise noted on the calendar.  Low vision and legally blind seniors learn about topics of interest such as low vision aids, a radio reading service, the Perkins School, crime prevention, legal concerns and more. Transportation is available for Norwell residents.  For more information call the office at 81-659-7878.


The Alzheimer’s Disease Support Group of the South Shore holds monthly meetings are held September to June at the Hingham Senior Center located at 224 Central Street. Speakers focus on information vital to coping with Alzheimer’s Disease and on family options for the future. For more information call the ADSGSS Helpline at 781-749-5417 or 781-740-2426.


The local Councils on Aging offer a variety of support groups to the community. Here are some local support groups that may be of interest.

Scituate COA, 781-545-8722
Alzheimer’s Caregivers (with Norwell VNA)
General Caregivers

Hingham, 781-741-1458
Low Vision Support

Duxbury, 781-934-6800
Low Vision Support
Early Stage Patient/Care Partner
TOPS (Take off Pound Sensibly)