Open Space Friends Group

The Open Space and Recreation  Committee is looking for volunteers to help develop a "Friends of Norwell Open Spaces"  group.   

The objectives of the group, are anticipated to be:

  • To assist in stewardship of the Town Open Spaces, and Woodland Trails
  • To spread awareness of Town owned open space and trails through outreach
  • To increase the social value of Town owned open space by providing pubic programs
  • To raise funds for the stewardship of Town owned open space focusing on trails and pathways
  • To assist in the monitoring and stewardship of Town owned open space by hosting stewardship events and developing yearly reports
  • We are looking for a logo and design that captures the spirit of Norwell Open Spaces to use in upcoming projects and programming.  Any one who would like to contribute ideas or designs to the Committee is encouraged to contact or stop by the Conservation/Planning office. 
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