Advisory Board

Town of Norwell Charter dated 7/1/2012

Section 4-3 Advisory Board

  1. Composition:  There shall be an Advisory Board consisting of nine (9) members with   three (3) members appointed each year for a term of three (3) years each.  Members shall hold no other elected or appointed office in town government while on the Advisory Board, unless otherwise provided by this Charter, town by-laws or by vote of Town meeting and shall serve without pay.  Members of the Board shall choose from among its membership a chair, a vice chair and a clerk.
  2. Nomination Process for Advisory Board:  Members of the Advisory Board shall be appointed by a majority vote of a nominating committee consisting of three (3) members; each duly authorized to represent their respective board or office. i) The Town Moderator, who shall serve as chair; ii) One (1) member of the Board of Selectmen; and iii) one (1) member of the Advisory Board, except that no member of the Advisory Board shall serve on a nominating committee if that member seeks re-appointment to the Advisory Board and the re-appointment would be the subject of that nominating committee.  The nominating committee shall consider only education, skills and experience of individual candidates as they relate to the function of the Advisory Board.
  3. Responsibilities of the Advisory Board: The Advisory Board shall investigate and consider all articles in the warrant to be brought before the Town and shall report and advise on such articles at Town meeting.  The Advisory Board shall consider short and long-range financial impacts, including both revenue and expenses to ensure financial stability.

Board Members

Name Title
Susan Powell At Large Member, Chair (2019)
Mark Maiellano At Large Member (2019)
Karen Reynolds At Large Member, Vice Chair (2020)
Mark Cleveland At Large Member (2020)
Harry Solis At Large Member (2020)
Brian M. Greenberg At Large Member (2021)
Peter W. Smellie At Large Member (2021)
Kate Steele At Large Member (2021)
Julie Sim At Large Member, Clerk (2021)