Friends of the Norwell COA

Become a Supporter of the 2021 Friends of the Norwell Council on Aging

The Friends would like to thank all our supporters throughout this year, as we try to help the Council on Aging staff in meeting the needs of Norwell’s older residents.  Our main concern has been for your safety and good health and we remain committed to providing help when needed throughout our community.

Who are we? 

We are a nonprofit organization of people of all ages, who support the Council on Aging’s efforts.  The Friends seek support through donations and fundraising events used to subsidize programs and supplement the financial needs of the Council on Aging not funded through the municipal budget.

How does your support assist the Council on Aging? 

  • Your support assists Council on Aging outreach efforts by providing emergency assistance for Norwell residents experiencing unexpected financial crisis.
  • Your support helps us host and fund holiday parties, luncheons and barbeques with entertainment.
  • Your support provides postage for bimonthly mailing of the Prime Times newsletter to 1,600 households and other mailing related needs.
  • Your support helps facilitate many trips and programs and simplify the payment process.
  • Your support helps underwrite a variety of cultural and arts programs.  This year we were proud to support the following programs: Sea Glass Presentation, Christmas in Nature, Stories Around the World, Bats of New England, and Birds and Valentines
  • Your support helps with equipment and supply needs not funded through Town budget.
  • Your support provides petty cash throughout the year for a variety of timely needs.
  • During the pandemic, your support helped us donate gift cards and supplied meals for seniors in need.            

Please join us for the expanding range of programming opportunities available to you at the senior center. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Friends of the Norwell COA, Inc., 2021 Suggested Support and Donations     


____ Individual  $10              ____Couple $15           ____ Additional Donation    (Greatly appreciated!)

Please make checks payable to Friends of Norwell COA, Inc.    Clip and mail to:  Friends of the Norwell COA, P.O. Box 699, Norwell, MA 02061 or drop it off at the Council On Aging Office located at 293 Pine St.          

Thank you for your generosity.


Pat Butler, President
Caroline LaCroix, Treasurer

NEW THIS YEAR! Membership and/or donations can now be made online using PayPal! or credit card.