Live Well, Age Well, Norwell

"Live Well, Age Well, Norwell" is an education initiative to bring a broad range of content to Norwell's older residents and their families.  Our goal is to help you live well today and plan to age well tomorrow.

The following is a collection of recordings from live events or studio recorded interviews.  Content may also air on Norwell Spotlight TV channels 22 (Comcast) and 39 (Verizon).  We hope you find these presentatins informative and welcome your suggestions for future topics. 

Video Recordings

Related Resources

  • Norwell Community Housing Trust  - Small Housing Grant Program provides a grant funding to older residents for the purpose of home repairs and alterations for health and safety purposes.  Eligiibilty is based on income guidelines and need.  
  • Norwell Personal Real Estate Tax Exmptions a list of current exemptions and guidelines
  • Norwell Board of Health Trash and Recycling offers a variety of informioat about trash pickup and other important recycling information options 
  • Massachusetts Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit informaiotn for certain individuals age 65 and older
  • Understanding Sernior Living Options a brief overview of different options for living and care arrangments for older adults.  Keep in mind that prices vary by State and those shown are estimated.  Always check with a living community for more information.  
  • Reverse Mortgages a general overview of what they are and how they work. 
  • AARP HomeFit Guide and worksheets  suggesions for ways to improve your home for safety and well-being.
  • Financial Evaluation Worksheet to help you documen your income, assets and expenses.
  • Fuel Assistance information and on-line application through South Shore Community Action Council.  Norwell residents of any age may call the Council on Aging to make an appointment for hep with completing an application. 
  • SNAP benefits online application -  Norwell residents of any age may call the Council on Aging to make an appointment for hep with completing an application. 
  • Mass Save energy saving benefits and tips for homeowners
  • South Shore Recycling Cooperative offers a wide variety of information about recycling items and reducing waste. 
  • Creating Your Support Circle  A presentation on how to document the group of individuals, businesses and organzations that support a person and help them make important decisions throughout their life
  • Support Circle Template After watching or reading the Creating a Support CIrcle presentiaton, use this template todcoumne those who are currently part of your support circle. 
  • Honoring Choices Massachusetts is a non-profit organization providing Massachusetts-based health care planning information and tools to help individuals make their own health care plan. You plan is your personal roadmap to get good care that honors your values & choices.
  • Massachusetts Medical Orders for Life-Sustaninig Treatment (MOLST)
  • The Conversation Project® is a public engagement initiative to help everyone talk about their wishes for care through the end-of-life, so those wishes can be understood and respected.  This site offers free tools, guidance, and resources to begin talking with those who matter most about your and their wishes. 
  • ABC World News with Diane Sawyer: The Conversation Project, June 9, 2014 
  • "Prepare for a good end of life" - Judy MacDonald Johnston, TEDTalk 2013
  • The Stanford Letter Project  Based on research findings, the Letter Project tools were created to help you write letters about your wishes for care in the future.  These letter templates are specifically designed to help you voice the key information needed to help you prepare for the future and communicte to those who matter most.