Board of Appeals


The Norwell Board of Appeals, which is also referred to as the Norwell Zoning Board of Appeals or the ZBA, is comprised of three regular members and up to five associates, appointed by the Select Board for staggered three-year terms.

The Board of Appeals is empowered to act on appeals, special permits, variances, site plan reviews and modifications, and comprehensive permits, in accordance with applicable sections of Massachusetts General law, Chapter 40A, 40B, and 41, the Norwell Town Bylaw and Rules and Regulations, and Town of Norwell Zoning Bylaw. Public hearings are generally scheduled on the first and third Wednesday of each month, except July and August when no meetings are traditionally held.

Each application is processed by the Office of the Board of Appeals in accordance with the legal requirements and timetables established under the Massachusetts Zoning Act, the Open Meeting Law, Town Bylaw and Rules and Regulations, and the Town Zoning Bylaw. The Board's administrative assistant is available during regular business hours at the Norwell Town Offices to provide information regarding application procedures, to assist in identifying the application forms required and to provide other zoning-related information.

The Board recommends that prospective applicants familiarize themselves with the Board's Rules and Regulations and the Norwell Zoning Bylaw, which can be purchased at the Office of the Town Clerk, viewed in the office of the Board of Appeals and Building Inspector, and at the Norwell Public Library, or online.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Thomas M. Barry, C.B.O. Zoning Enforcement Officer
Roberta Mahoney Administrative Assistant

Board Members

Name Title
Lois Barbour Chair, Member (2022)
Philip Y. Brown Vice Chair, Member (2024)
Ralph Rivkind Clerk, Member (2024)
Nicholas Dean Associate Member (2023)
William Lazzaro Associate Member (2023)
Stephen Lynch Associate Member (2023)
Daniel Senteno Associate Member (2022), Ass't. Clerk