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Insurance Rate Sheet

NEW- FY 2024 Insurance Rate Sheet (Effective 7-1-2023)

Coming Soon- FY 2023 Blue Cross Blue Shield E-Kit & Mobile App.   Access the links below for current information and additional benefits!!

FY 2022 Insurance Rate Sheet (Effective 7-1-2021)

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If you click the preceding links, you can access the following information all in one convenient spot! Summary of Benefits for Health, Dental and Vision Insurance; Additional Benefits and Member Discounts: Emergency Room Alternatives, Telehealth Brochure, Nurse Hotline, SmartShopper Program, Fitness and Weight Loss Reimbursements, Blue Card Program Brochure, "Commitment To Confidentiality", "How To Choose a Primary Care Provider PCP", Member Identity Protection Services, Find a Doctor, Get Out-of-Pocket Costs, MyBlue Fact Sheet, Diabetes Care Value, Smart90, Mail Service Pharmacy Brochure & Form, $9 Generic Medcations List, 2021 Pharmacy Formulary, 3-Tier Pharmacy Program, $9 Generics Program Fact Sheet

Insurance Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC)

Insurance Enrollment & Waiver Forms: Health, Dental & Vision
Important- Please DO NOT fill in your SSN (Social Security Number) on the enrollment forms. Please submit enrollment forms without SSN's; the benefit coordinator in the treasurer's office will call you for this information.

Please Note: We require employees to complete and sign a new "Employee Acknowlegement Form" and "Employee Offer of Insurance Form" with each new benefit enrollment.

Additional Benefit Information & Enrollment Forms

Social Security Information