Tier 2 Water Restrictions Are Now in Effect

In response to increased water demand and in consideration of limited groundwater resources, the Norwell Water Department will begin enforcing Tier 2 Water Restrictions Effective Monday June 22nd and continue until further notice. Tier 2 Water Restrictions impact the use of automated irrigation systems including sprinklers, and other unattended watering devices. The Water Department will transition to more restrictive tiers if deemed necessary by the Board of Water Commissioners or MassDEP. Watering during the hours of (9AM-5PM) is prohibited in all tiers, with the exception of hand held watering pots.  Failure to comply with the conditions of the restrictions may result in fines.

Tier 2 Water Restrictions:


  • The use of automated irrigation systems is limited to one day per week
  • Automated irrigation systems may be used ONLY during the hours of (3AM-7AM).
  • Odd/Even automated lawn watering schedule, see below:
  • Even-numbered addresses may water on Monday ONLY (3AM-7AM).
  • Odd-numbered addresses may water on Thursday ONLY (3AM-7AM).
  • The use of hand-held hoses is allowed ONLY between the hours of (5PM-9AM).
  • Hand held watering pots are allowed at any time.

Did you know?

Washing cars, topping off pools and other hand-held hose activities are permitted during the hours of (5PM-9AM) under Tier 2 water restrictions

For more information regarding the (4) tiers of water restriction, the current water restriction tier, and the Norwell Water Department, please look us up on Norwell Social or connect with us on Facebook. We can also be reached by telephone at 781-659-8076.