Spring 2018 Recreation program registration begins Wednesday 3/7/18!

Spring 2018 Recreation program registration begins Wednesday 3/7/18!

Norwell Recreation Department will be mailing out the Spring 2018 Program Guide to all Norwell Resident households on approximately 2/22/18.  Program information will be available online at www.townofnorwell.net. 


ONLINE REGISTRATION for all Spring 2018 programs begins at 10:00a on WEDNESDAY 3/7/18 at www.townofnorwell.net for Norwell Residents only!  MAIL-IN, WALK-IN and NON-RESIDENT REGISTRATION begins on WEDNESDAY 3/14/18 at 10:00a!!  Make sure to confirm your password, update your existing account or set-up your new account prior 3/7/18! 


Many “after school” programs have a tendency to fill up fast!   Featured Spring 2018 Programs are:  Early Release Day Babysitting Training on 4/26/18 and Early Release Day Trip to Treetop Adventures in Canton on 5/17/18.  New York City Day Trip will be held on 5/19/18.  Norwell Recreation will offer two sessions of America’s Boating Course in April and May.  Outdoor Pickleball will start in April this Spring at Centennial Park on Pine St. across from the Council on Aging and don’t forget to save the date for the annual Fishing Derby at Jacobs Pond to be held on Saturday 5/12/18 from 6:30am-10:30am.


To access or set-up your online account:   Visit www.townofnorwell.net and click on RECREATION listed under departments and follow the links to ACTIVITY REGISTRATION!


Town of Norwell Recreation Department is located at Town Hall 345 Main St., Monday-Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm and Friday 8am-12:00pm.    For more information visit www.townofnorwell.net or call (781) 659-8046.