Tier 4 Water Restriction in Effect

In response to increased water demand, receding groundwater levels, and the present hot, dry weather cycle the Board of Water Commissioners will begin enforcing Tier 4 Water Restrictions effective immediately and continuing these restrictions until further notice.  Tier 4 Water Restrictions prohibit the use of all non-essential outside water use with the following exceptions:

Tier 4 Water Restrictions Allowed Uses:


Vegetable Gardens/Shrubbery
Watering of vegetable gardens and plants are allowed in Tier 4 under the following conditions: 

  • Vegetable gardens and valuable shrubbery may be watered on any day but ONLY with a hand-held hose during the hours of 5PM-9AM.
  • Handheld watering pots are allowed at any time.

Any resident or business who violates these restrictions will be subject to the following:

  • 1st offense: Written Warning
  • 2nd offense: $50.00 Fine
  • 3rd and each subsequent offense: $100.00 Fine

For more information regarding the (4) tiers of water restriction, the current water restriction tier, and the Norwell Water Department, please look us up on Norwell Social or connect with us on Facebook. We can also be reached by telephone at 781-659-8076.