Carleton Property Committee

The Carlton Property Committee was created pursuant to a vote of the Board of Selectmen. The Committee shall consist of 7-9 members appointed by the Selectmen with representation from past or present members of the Board of Selectmen, Conservation Commission, Community Housing Trust, Community Preservation Committee and Planning Board. The remaining members will be at-large appointees. All seats are for a one-year term of office.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Carleton Property Committee is to develop a land use plan considering various options for use as permitted under M.G.L. Chapter 44B, the Community Preservation Act. The Committee must start with the assumption that the "Whiting Fields," the 10.65 acres of hay fields located on Main Street and Lincoln Street, are to remain as open space and are not to be considered a site for community housing or active recreation development. Any proposed land use plan shall not alter the historic and iconic views of these fields along Main Street and Lincoln Street.

The Committee shall prepare a draft land use plan and cause such draft to be available for public inspection and actively seek verbal and written public comment on the draft report and hold at least one public hearing advertised in advance. The Committee will bring the plan, or portions of the plan, before the Board of Selectmen and the Community Preservation Committee for conditional approval. With the approval of both boards, the Committee will bring the plan, or portions of the plan, to a future Town Meeting for a vote.

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Board Members

Name Title
Becky Freed Board of Selectmen Rep.
Brendan Sullivan Planning Board Rep.
Cliff Prentiss Conservation Comm. Rep.
Richard Levitt CPC Rep.
Gregg McBride CHT Rep.
Roger Hughes At Large
John Selby At Large
Tim Timmermann At Large
Katelyn White At Large