How do I place my trash & recycling carts?

Cart Placement

  • Most collection trucks are automated with an electronic arm that lifts and empties the cart. This efficient process streamlines and speeds collection and prevents driver injuries.
  • The collection truck needs clear, close access to the cart so the automatic arm can reach and lift the cart.
  • Consider the three-foot rule; there should be three feet between carts and structures such as mail boxes, cars and lamp posts. Damage can occur to public and private property if the carts are too close to physical property.
  • Please place carts at least 3 feet apart so they do not get knocked over.
  • Carts should be within 36 inches of the curb or edge of the roadway pavement.
  • Position the cart on as level of surface as possible, away from overhanging tree branches.

Winter Tips

  • Clear out an area for your carts, leaving about 18 inches of space around them to allow room for the truck's arm.
  • Do Not place carts on or in snow piles as they tip over and litter your neighborhood. Carts placed on or in snowpiles present difficulties servicing and returning your carts after emptying.
  • Do Not place carts in the street. This is a hazard for vehicles and carts could be destroyed by snow plows.

Please call Waste Management for any cart repairs (800) 972-4545.