Assessors' Office Information


The Norwell Assessors’ Office is responsible for and maintains real estate valuations, personal property valuations, motor vehicle excise tax files and boat excise tax files.

All applications for personal exemptions, community preservation exemptions, deferrals, abatement requests for real and personal property, motor vehicle and boat excise taxes must be filed with this office.

For application forms, deadlines for submission and further information, please contact the office staff at 781-659-8014.


Every city and town in Massachusetts is mandated to fully update its property assessments every fiscal year to reflect the current fair market value.  These valuations are based on arms length sales from two years prior, style, age, location, square footage, grade and other information using the “mass appraisal” software system. 

Norwell’s tax rate is set by the Norwell Board of Assessors and is submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) each fiscal year for their review and approval. Every five years, the “DOR” audits the Board of Assessors’ procedures and records for certification.  The next certification for this will be in Fiscal Year 2019.


The Norwell Assessors’ Office updates all property ownerships according to the recorded deed transactions which are received from the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds. The Assessors’ Public Database lists the owner of record as of January 1st in the calendar year that precedes the current Fiscal Year. New owners of record that occur during the year are listed as: “Care Of” for billing purposes.

The Registry of Deeds website, has a search engine which updates all deed and real estate transactions daily and is searchable back to 1861.