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Friends of the Norwell Council on Aging

The “Friends of the Norwell Council on Aging, Inc.” is a non-profit group that helps support the Council on Aging’s efforts within the community. Through the “Friends,” support is provided in the following ways;

  • Supporting seniors in financial distress.
  • Preparing and mailing the bi-monthly newsletter.
  • Sponsoring special meals and events.
In these difficult times when household expenses continue to escalate and many seniors struggle to afford the basic necessities of life, the COA and the programs offered at the senior center keep these seniors connected. 

The Friends will kick off the Annual Membership drive in January. Watch your newsletter for more information.  Call the COA office at 781-659-7878 with any questions.

Do you need goodies for Thanksgiving or a holiday party?  The Friends of Norwell COA, Inc. will hold a bake sale on Mon., Nov. 21, beginning at 9:00 a.m.  The sale will take place in the Osborn Room at Norwell Town Hall.  Don’t miss out on all of the  tasty treats and gift baskets!

Thank you to everyone who generously donated pennies to our cause!  To date we’ve collected $273.  Our goal is $400 to purchase a new commercial coffee system.   Pennies are still welcome.  Dig in those drawers, nooks and crannies and bring us you’re pennies!  The Friends also have a “Penny Pincher” squad that will come to your home, if you are unable to bring your pennies to the center.  Feel free to drop off those excess pennies to the senior center or call 781-659-7878 for more information.

The Friends are holding a 2nd Annual Holiday raffle.  So how does it work?  Purchase a raffle ticket for $25 and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win $1,000. Only 100 tickets will be sold!  Buy one or more for yourself or share the cost with a friend or family member.  Proceeds will support any additional furnishings not covered by renovation costs. Drawing will be held on Thurs., Dec. 15.  Buy your ticket while they’re still available!  For more information call 781-659-7878.

The Friends of Norwell COA Inc., are selling Hilliard’s candy bars for $2.  Proceeds support  the building fund.  Stop by the senior center for a sweet treat!

Looking for a unique gift for the holidays?  Local artist and instructor, Ann McLeod donated an oil painting “Scene of Lower Cape Cod” to be raffled by the Friends.  The painting is valued at $350. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.  Contact the COA at 781-659-7878 for ticket information.  The winner will be drawn on Nov. 21 at the bake sale.


2011 Annual Dues
Each January, the “Friends of the Norwell Council on Aging” provide a membership application in the newsletter.  We periodically get questions asking who we are, what we do and how these dues are used.

The “Friends of the Norwell Council on Aging” is a 501 (3)(c) non-profit organization that helps support the Council on Aging’s efforts within the community. As a non-profit group, the “Friends” have access to general funds that allow them to provide immediate financial assistance that the COA - as a town department - is unable to provide, due to time constraints. This helps the COA Director and Outreach Coordinator to better serve residents in need.

Every year many programs offered are financially underwritten by the “Friends of the COA.”  Programs include those in the areas of Nutrition, Education and Leisure, and Entertainment.  The “Friends” provide assistance with preparing and mailing the bi-monthly newsletter. Support is also available for those experiencing financial distress, by assisting to pay a utility bill or for a prescription.  In these difficult times when household expenses continue to escalate and many seniors struggle to afford the basic necessities of life, the COA and the programs offered at the Senior Center keep these seniors connected.

Some of the expenses covered by the “Friends” in 2010 included:
  • Mailing the newsletter and office postage;
  • Supplies and furniture;
  • Programs
  • Community support services including prescriptions, food, and utilities assistance.
Last year, over 600 Norwell seniors participated in the programs offered at the Senior Center.  Most of these programs are facilitated and staffed by volunteers.  We also had 82 volunteers provide over 6,000 hours of service.  The success of the Council on Aging depends on the work of these volunteers, the COA Board and staff, the “Friends of the COA” and people like you.

So how can you help? A membership form is included on the back of this newsletter. If you want to become a member, please complete the form and send it along with a check for $10 per individual, payable to the Friends of the Norwell Council on Aging.  Donations are also gladly accepted. Membership forms and checks can be sent to Friends of the Norwell COA, P.O. Box 699, Norwell, 02061. You may also drop them off at the COA office, located at 293 Pine Street.

If you choose not to join, you are still eligible to receive any service or assistance that you need. However, your financial support will help continue the programs and services that keep our seniors healthy, active and a vital asset to our community.  Thank you for your generosity.

Dorothy Dwyer, President